COVID-19: Shifting IT Priorities

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Industries of all types are affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about our precautions and how we can help your organization prepare and adjust.

Green House Data has always focused on supporting our community and providing excellent service. Ensuring the well-being of our employees, their families, and our social circles at large – as well as the businesses we work so closely with – is a key focus of ours.

The pressures faced by businesses from economic uncertainty, an increase in remote work, and drastic changes in operational processes are adding up. Green House Data wants to help however we can.

What We're Doing

Proactively Protecting Our Employees

  • We are following CDC, WHO, and FDA regulations and recommendations, with additional measures to protect employees.
  • We are minimizing exposure and routinely cleaning sites that remain open.
  • Data center facility and office access is limited to badge holders and critical access only.
  • Outside of critical support staff and data center operations teams, all employees are working from home, with work travel restricted.

Maintaining 24/7 Availability

  • We are splitting shifts of essential personnel to maintain round-the-clock service and meet our 100% SLAs.
  • As part of our process to equip staff to work from home, we have tested their ability to provide remote support. Onsite staff is following strict hygiene and distancing protocol.
  • We have tested our disaster recovery plans and failover processes for all hosted services, including the gBlock Cloud and colocated infrastructure.



How We Can Help You

Business Continuity

Maintain business-as-usual even in the face of disruption with business continuity solutions like Backup as a Service, Disaster Recovery, failover and recovery planning, or physical colocated backups.

Green House Data continuity solutions work across on-prem, cloud-hosted, and SaaS environments, with replication targets in the gBlock Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or your secondary data centers.

Have you tested your backup and recovery technology lately?

Business Continuity Solutions

Enable Your Remote Workforce

With an expert team of consultants ready to guide you, we can work together to support your IT team as it transitions your workforce to remote operations. We can help with remote system access, document sharing, and digital meetings.

As a Gold Microsoft Partner we're also ready to get you migrated and set up with a secure Microsoft 365 environment designed around your users, apps, and data.

Managed Microsoft 365

Maintain Security & Compliance

Security and compliance are even more vital as your workers disperse.

Our teams can help you with access controls, monitoring services, and security dashboards to help you keep sensitive data safe and secure.

COVID-19 has also led to a new range of hacking, phishing, and social engineering attacks. Our managed security services help supplement your IT team to stop threats before they compromise your systems.

Security Services

Deploy Virtual Desktops

For industries with standardized desktop environments or those dealing with sensitive information such as defense, government, legal, and finance — a virtual desktop offers a convenient way to present remote workers with the operating system, applications, and data they need, accessible from a wide variety of end user devices.

The desktop environment is stored and processed remotely, so you can maintain your security posture and visibility.

Desktop as a Service

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